Insulated Bags

Transport ice cream... and a whole lot more

They are known in the industry as Ice Cream Bags. In reality, Randall Temp Control insulated bags are multi-purpose powerhouses – ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive items such as ice cream, fruits and vegetables, prepared meals, and pharmaceuticals.

Constructed with multiple layers of insulation and high-density foam. The outer shell is constructed with 600 denier nylon and a tough, ballistic nylon bottom.

  • Ideal for transporting a variety of temperature-sensitive products
  • T-shape handles provide durability and ease of movement
  • Dry ice can be used in bags to enhance temperature control
  • Polyethylene base and optional sidewall proplex stiffeners increase rigidity
  • Combination velcro / zipper closure provide the optimal seal
  • Economical alternative to rigid boxes

Customize your Insulated Bag

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Customize Your Insulated Bags


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  • Holds two 3-gallon ice cream drums 20" x 11" x 11"
  • Holds four 3-gallon ice cream drums 20" x 11" x 22"
  • Holds six 3-gallon ice cream drums 30" x 11" x 22"


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