Polyethylene (PE) Chute

Heavy Duty, Highly Durable Trailer Air Chute

Keep perishables at the right temperature with consistent cool air circulation. Randall Polyethylene Chutes are heavy-duty and highly durable to keep consistent air circulation flowing throughout your trailer. The tested, durable material is half the weight of vinyl, more than twice the tensile strength and almost twice the tear strength to satisfy high expectations.

  • No shrinking and cracking like coated nylon
  • Cold crack resistant to below -40F
  • Available in single or two finger chute configurations

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  • Heavy duty, reinforced, white polyethylene 
  • Cold crack resistant to below -40°F
  • Drive rivets included with each chute
  • Polyethylene reinforced cord around entire perimeter
  • Velcro configuration options available
  • Custom sizes in mesh and vinyl also available

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