Durable Insulated Containers

Insulated, reusable, high impact containers for temperature-sensitive transport

Durable Insulated Containers from Randall keep temperature-sensitive products at the proper temperature and preserve product quality.

  • Optimize the transport of chilled, frozen, or sub-zero perishables along with dry goods
  • Transport frozen and refrigerated products on non-refrigerated trucks and vans
  • Distribute ice cream on your existing fleet with minimal capital investment
  • Maintain product quality at time of delivery
  • Ideal for storage in the warehouse, on the dock, and for the transport and storage of dry ice
  • Durable and ergonomic design makes loading and unloading trouble-free


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  • FDA approved materials
  • Double-wall construction with specialty-treated high impact polyethylene
  • Specially formulated foam-in-place urethane insulation
  • FLX-SEAL® doors on upright models fold up and out of the way

Optional Accessories:

  • dry ice compartments
  • shelving
  • drains
  • casters
  • airflow floors
  • retention straps
  • corporate door logos/ custom branding


Chest Style Models

Model Interior  Exterior 
HR11P2-LC 36.5”x 21”x 24” 43” x 27.5” x 39.5”
HR27P 41”x 37”x 29” 48” x 43” x 40.5”
HR30P  41”x 37”x 31″ 48” x 43” x 41.5″
HR32P 41.5″ x 37″ x 36″ 47.5″ x 43.5″ x49″

Upright Style Models

Model          Interior               Exterior                   
HR28P-DC 42″ x 21″ x 50″ 48″ x 27″ x 65″
HR54P 42” x 34” x 64” 48” x 40” x 77”

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