Side Door: Gravity Curtain

May the force of gravity be with the side door

The side door Gravity Curtain ingeniously uses gravity to easily close the curtain behind the driver. Curtain track is mounted on an incline above the door opening. The Gravity Curtain moves up the track with one swift motion when the driver enters or exits the door. With the help of gravity, the curtain automatically closes behind the driver.

The curtain provides easy access in and out of the busy side door while automatically protecting product and not allowing cool air to escape.

  • Protecting inventory
  • Increasing driver productivity
  • Driver friendly


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  • 18 oz commercial grade vinyl
  • 22 oz vinyl, trimmable sweep
  • 22” x 52” extra low temperature split-pane windows

Hardware & Securement

  • Hardware and trolley system included
  • Fastens to sidewall with Velcro®
  • Chain weighted to prevent sailing
  • Curtain and hardware weigh 25 lbs

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